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Belana Squishmallow

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When it comes to toys you need the one for your kid that is full of vibrant colors so that the design stands out among others. Belana squishmallow is a super cute squishmallow, based on a cow she is mostly covered in white colors wherein she also has traces of other colors blended in her.
She forms a part of the most demanded Easter squad where she is friends with other members. She has many different talents including painting furniture in which she is slowly starting to become an expert. What else has she planned for her future? We will share everything with you in a bit.

Some features about the Belana squishmallow that you need to know:

First things first, the teal color used in the design of Belana squishmallow beautifies her design a lot. She also has pale blue horns and a light pink muzzle with teal-colored nostrils. Her facial features are distinctive from other squishmallows and she is undoubtedly one of the cutest squishmallow in the Easter squad.
In terms of her size, she is a compact squishmallow that even babies can hug quite conveniently. This means that the Belana cow squishmallow is a suitable toy for all your kids irrespective of their age. Moreover, babies are generally seen playing with the Belana squishmallow cow even more because the squishmallow is super soft with an adorable innocent design that is not scary at all.
In terms of the fabric used, squishmallow Belana has been made with the topnotch polyester material that possesses multiple qualities. Firstly, the fabric doesn't get dirty easily which is a great convenience for parents as they won't need to wash the toy every day when their kid has played with it.
Secondly, the polyester material used in making Belana squishmallow also promotes a lightweight design that is durable and sturdy at the same time. This means that your little one will receive ample warm hugs and kisses from the Belana the cow squishmallow every day because a kid can easily hold the toy due to its lightweight nature.
 Belana squishmallow
Moving on from the fabric material, you often need a toy that fits right in your kid's toy room theme. Let me assure you that placing squishmallow Belana in your kid's toy room will enhance the room because the toy is made from vibrant colors and it is extremely eye-catching.
When it comes to traveling, you have limited options while packing stuff. You can only take a set amount of toys with you for your kid. In this case, Belana squishmallow turns out to be a viable option as it has a compact and lightweight design that can fit any backpack quite easily.
Let me share a little fun fact about Belana the cow squishmallow. Belana also has a brother Ronnie squishmallow and these two are often seen together in the furniture room. Not only do they have great bonding, but they also work together on furniture projects and Belana also wishes to open a furniture store in the future with her brother.
You can share this inspirational story about these squishmallows with your little one and you will also be able to spend a fun time together with your kid.